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Installation on macOS

Yucca works on new ARM-processors Apple M1

On November 10, 2020, Apple announced the release of devices based on the new processor and for backward compatibility emulator was introduced the Rosetta 2.

We have not tested Yucca on new processors and do not guarantee correct operation through the emulator.

Installing with Homebrew

Open a terminal, run the commands:

brew tap yuccastream/tap
brew install yucca

During the installation, FFmpeg and Docker will be additionally installed.

Install without Homebrew

Docker is required to work, installation instructions are available on the official site.

Open a terminal, download the necessary files and start the server:

mkdir -p ./yucca
cd ./yucca
chmod +x ./yucca
./yucca server --config ./yucca.toml

After launch the Web interface will be available at http://ip-your-server:9910