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Configuring Motion Detection by email on Dahua camera

Open the web-interface of the camera with administrator rights. Go to Setting > Network > SMTP(Email)


Enter connection details - SMTP serverPortSender and Mail Receiver. The last 2 must match. If authorization is enabled in SMTP server settings, enter username and password.
Press Test. If everything is correct, you’ll see a message Succeed and in the logs of Yucca message about created event:

{"component":"server","level":"info","module":"smtp","msg":"Event annotation created","stream_id":10,"time":"2021-05-27T12:24:41+02:00"}

And a yellow marker will appear in the camera’s progress bar.

dahua_02 bar_event

Next, you need to enable motion detection. Go to Setting > Event > Video Detection > Motion Detection and turn on enable option and Send Email as a type of notification.


In the Area field by clicking Setting button, you can set visibility area and sensitivity level of Motion Detection.