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Working with a license

For the Enterprise version to work, the application requires access to the site (tcp, udp 443).


Start the server and log in. If the license is not activated, you will see a banner with a notification. Go to the section with license management by the link in the banner:


Enter your key and click "Add":


If the license is valid and not expired, you will see its parameters (ID, expiration date and contact of the owner):



After the license expires, the server will continue to work with the settings that were before it expired, most functions will be blocked.

Server behavior in the absence/expiration of the license:

  • It is forbidden to edit, stop, add, delete streams
  • It is forbidden to view, download the archive
  • It is forbidden to edit, delete, add users
  • It is forbidden to edit, delete, add commands
  • It is forbidden to edit, add, delete annotations
  • It is allowed to unpack the server
  • Allowed to view live broadcast
  • It is allowed to add a license