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Installation on PostgreSQL

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When operating in production environments with a large number of cameras and motion detection enabled, we recommend using PostgreSQL as a more productive database.

A simple password is used in the examples, it is desirable to change it!

Running PostgreSQL on the host

To install, use the official instructions from the developer's website

Quick installation in Debian or Ubuntu:

sudo apt install postgresql-common
sudo sh /usr/share/postgresql-common/pgdg/
sudo apt install postgresql-13 -y

After installation and launch, you need to create a database and a role to connect.

sudo -u postgres psql -c "CREATE DATABASE yucca;"
sudo -u postgres psql -c "CREATE USER yucca WITH PASSWORD 'yucca';"
sudo -u postgres psql -c 'GRANT ALL PRIVILEGES ON DATABASE yucca TO yucca;'

Running PostgreSQL in docker

Launch the official container with the necessary parameters:

docker run -d \
    --name yucca-postgres \
    --net host \
    -e POSTGRES_USER=yucca \
    -e POSTGRES_PASSWORD=yucca \
    -e POSTGRES_DB=yucca \

Setting up the Yucca connection to the database

Stop the server:

sudo systemctl stop yucca

Specify the type postgres in the parameter database.type, as well as other connection details:

example of the final configuration via a file:

  busy_timeout = 500
  ca_cert_path = "/etc/ssl/certs"
  cache_mode = "shared"
  client_cert_path = ""
  client_key_path = ""
  conn_max_lifetime = "0s"
  host = ""
  log_queries = false
  max_idle_conn = 2
  max_open_conn = 0
  name = "yucca"
  password = "yucca"
  path = ""
  ssl_mode = "disable"
  type = "postgres"
  user = "yucca"

Start the server:

sudo systemctl start yucca

Upon successful connection, the following messages can be seen in the log:

sudo journalctl -o short --no-pager -n 100 -f -u yucca
{"component":"server","level":"info","msg":"Listen address: :9910","time":"2021-11-10T06:27:20Z"}
{"component":"sql","level":"info","msg":"PING DATABASE postgres","time":"2021-11-10T06:27:20Z"}
{"component":"server","level":"info","msg":"ORM engine initialization successful","time":"2021-11-10T06:27:21Z"}
{"component":"server","level":"info","msg":"Server initialization successful","time":"2021-11-10T06:27:21Z"}

PostgreSQL 14 and older

Supported since Yucca version 0.6.1, read more here