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What's new in Yucca 0.5.0


Camera quota for users

We have added the feature to limit the number of cameras that a user can create. Go to the user profile and set the maximum number or don't (default 0). Quotas can also be set globally with --quota-global-stream option, this limit will also apply to administrators. You can read about other types of restrictions in the "quota" section of documentation.


The maximum archive depth limit

Added the --streams-archive-max-depth-hours option to set the archive depth limit for each camera on the server. For those cameras that have already been created with a higher value, everything will continue to work. However, when the settings are changed, the limits will start to be taken.

Upgrading archive storage

We have implemented a new archive format, now the archive is stored in hour length files. This feature reduces the disk load and makes it easier to create backups. The archive of version two will be used by default for newly created cameras, all existing cameras with the included archive will continue to use the first version.

Password guessing protection

An important security changes. If you enter incorrect details several times, the server will temporarily block this client. The option is enabled by default, it can be disabled, but we strongly not recommended.

Improved archive navigation

Added drag the progress bar by the mouse. This makes work even easier and more intuitive.

Archive navigation

Expired license banner

After the license expires, a banner with a notification appears in the header of the page. The message will be visible to all users of the system.

Expired license

And other fixes

And also updated the site and prices 😉

What's next?

Installation guides may be found on the Install page.