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Yucca Gateway Setup

Start Yucca Gateway

To run Yucca Gateway the same Yucca binary, Enterprise version is used, be sure to specify a separate directory in data-dir.

Installation instructions Yucca

When installing via deb/rpm package manager, the yucca-gateway service is already installed on the system, you only need to run

``sh sudo systemctl status yucca-gateway.service sudo systemctl enable yucca-gateway.service sudo systemctl start yucca-gateway.service sudo systemctl status yucca-gateway.service

If you installed Yucca differently, you can start Gateway like this:  

/opt/yucca/yucca gateway --data-dir /opt/yucca/data

By default, Yucca Gateway listens on port 9920, but you can override this behavior. For a full list of options, see the /opt/yucca/yucca gateway --help tooltip

Receive token

To connect Yucca Gateway to Yucca Server, it will need an end server administrator token. A personal token can be issued in the user profile, under tokens.

Connect Yucca Gateway to Yucca Server

For correct operation, you need to ensure network availability between Yucca Gateway and all Yucca Servers.

Pre-install curl if you do not have it.

``sh sudo apt update && sudo apt install curl -y

All the following actions can be performed from any host, as long as you have network accessibility.

Example command to connect:

curl -s -d '{"address": "http://localhost:9910", "token": "p.f22003974f22e41a2c48dc58ac25c24f412bff151"}'

  • address is the address of the Yucca Server at which the Yucca Gateway will access it.
  • `token - respectively the token we received earlier.
  • - the address of Yucca Gateway, to which we send the request.

An example of a correct response:

  "active": true,
  { "address": "http://localhost:9910",
  "healthy": true,
  "id": 0,
  "name": ""
  "verified": true

You can add multiple Yucca Server nodes in this way.

Everything is ready!
Now when authorizing through Yucca Gateway at, we will get to the Yucca Server, where there is a user with the credentials of which we authorize.

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