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What's new in Yucca 0.6.0


Sequence of overriding configuration parameters


Changes in this version bring the sequencing of parameters to the traditional order - this may affect your configuration when you upgrading from a previous version.

Look at the old and updated configuration priority:

  1. command line arguments;
  2. file;
  3. environment variables.
  1. file;
  2. environment variables;
  3. command line arguments.

Motion detection via Email

We have implemented a feature that allows you to configure notifications from the camera to the server for placing markers on the timeline. For more information on how to configure the server and cameras, see the documentation.

Motion detection

No Docker mode

This feature removes the need to bind to Docker. As a result, the CPU load is reduced, some network restrictions are removed, and the responsiveness is also increased.

The feature is in beta test mode

At the moment, we are improving this feature and don't recommend using it. Please, report about your problems via the bug tracker -

System resource stats

Added a page with file system stats, now it's easier to track, when the disk full.


The slider drag

Now the navigation is easier - just drag the slider.


Player playback speed

Added the fast view feature.


We have added support for Yandex.Metrika to keep track of your stats. How to enable see the documentation. It may be interesting for corporate clients.

What's next?

Installation guides may be found on the Install page.