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Yucca Gateway

The feature is free and does not require a license


The functionality is still being tested; later, the format of operation and monetization may change.


Yucca Gateway is a special operating mode in the form of a gateway, allowing you to create a unified entry point (authentication) for clients from different installations of Yucca Server. You can have one internet address and several servers, each with a different set of users. For example, you are an internet service provider with presence zones in different cities and a separate installation of Yucca in each city. Each of your servers has its own clients, but within the framework of an advertising campaign, you want to have a single entry point for all clients.

The diagram below describes the approximate logic of operation:


Requirements and Limitations

  • User names (logins) from different servers should not intersect; otherwise, the client may end up on a random server where authorization was successful.
  • Only the Enterprise version of Yucca Server can be connected to Yucca Gateway; working with free versions is not supported at the moment.