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Changing path for storing the archive

By default the archive with cameras is saved in /opt/yucca/data/alloc/ directory, the path is defined by alloc_dir parameter. If you want to change this behavior, create a directory in a new path and apply permissions to it for the user under which Yucca is run, the default is the user yucca for example:

The directory names and paths are for example.

sudo mkdir -p /mnt/external_drive_8TB/yucca_alloc
sudo chown yucca:yucca /mnt/external_drive_8TB/yucca_alloc

Disk mount

If you have mounted a separate disk, make sure it shows up in df -h, also don't forget to add a mount entry to /etc/fstab so that the disk is mounted when the server reboots.

Stop the Yucca server:

sudo systemctl stop yucca

Replace the parameter in alloc_dir in the configuration:

alloc_dir = "/mnt/external_drive_8TB/yucca_alloc"

Start the Yucca server:

sudo systemctl start yucca

Verify that files are created in the new directory and the web interface shows the new path in the configuration tab.