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What's new in Yucca 0.9.1


Learn more about the features of 0.9.0

This is a technical release with fixes, read the review of Yucca innovations 0.9.0 on this page.

Mobile app for Android available on Google Play

Get it on Google Play

💰 For all Enterprise subscription owners, at your request, we will prepare a branded application for free (included in the license price). You will have access to APK and AAB files. Contact us if you need a branded app. The cost of support for placing a branded application on Google Play is discussed individually.

Service for translations Yucca UI

Translations status

We open access to the Yucca translation service. Now it will become easier to suggest edits or correct typos in the interface, and it will be more convenient to create a translation.

New flags

Other changes


  • [server] Server configuration validation flag (#1125)


  • [dist] Can't download ffmpeg if process is started via systemd (#1123)
  • [andriod] Does not pass verification through Yucca gateway when added in a mobile application.

What's next?

Installation instructions can be found in the section Installation.