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API tokens

💰 Feature available by subscription Yucca Plus or Yucca Enterprise"


We provide a programmatic interface to all Yucca server resources. API documentation is available in SwaggerUI format on any installation at http:///ui/swagger/. You can authorize with a token by passing it in the X-Yucca-Token header, the token cookie, or as an argument to a token request. With a personalized API token, you can manage any resources that are available to your user, except content (watching videos) and UI.

Quick Start.

Go to the user profile, Tokens tab and create a token for the desired period or indefinitely. Save the token, you will not be able to view it again.


Example with cURL

curl -X 'GET' \.
  -H 'accept: application/json' \.
  -H 'X-Yucca-Token: p.bb42c69e83915664cae70e442a349eab509890d21'

SwaggerUI Example